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If it's free to use, where does the money come from?
Pungle collects advertising revenue by promoting vendors through our shopping tool; at absolutely no expense to our community.

How do I know if it's working?
You should see a verification page and if the store loads, it's working! Your job is to shop, our job is to take care of all the behind the scene details. Don't worry, have fun!

What if the store I want to shop at isn't listed?
Just let us know and we'll start building a relationship with your favorite store to get them onboard ASAP.

What is this ?
That is the high-five symbol indicating we have an agreement with that vendor. When you make a purchase at one of these stores a portion of the proceeds goes to one of the causes we are currently supporting. p.s. High fives are better than handshakes.

Can I shop at stores that don't have a high five?
Stores with a high five are the only ones currently contributing to our causes, however, this can change on a day to day basis. For the most part, you should just pick your favorite stores, setup your bookmarklet and let us manage the relationships! It's more important that you remember to always shop through our tool.


How do you select the nonprofits for each cause?
To maximize the effectiveness of the donations, we keep a tight grasp on only the most focused nonprofits having discrete and measurable goals without a lot of top-heavy bureaucracy. In order for this to work, our list of nonprofits and causes need to be in line with things you want changed. Let us know if you don't see the causes most important to you.

How much money does each store earn for the causes?
Every store is different and some arrangements are fairly complicated. In the interest of fairness between stores, we're choosing to keep this information confidential. Any support from a vendor earns them a high five.

What causes are you currently supporting?
Check out our Causes & Progress page for up to date details.

How do I know you're not hoarding all the money?
We're a legitimate business in Seattle, WA. You can view actual results on our Causes & Progress page. Also, we're pretty transparent with our Financial Details. If you're still in doubt, visit our facebook page and ask our crazy fans if we're trustworthy.

Can I deduct for pungling on my taxes?
Sorry, social good is a gesture, not an actual donation and isn't tax deductable. You'll have to do it the old fashioned way.


Can I donate to pungle?
That would be awesome, but why donate when you can get something in return? We offer Pungle Products which allow us to Keep the lights on by offseting operating costs. Please buy a bunch of pungle shirts and wear them in crowded areas. Then tell your facebook friends about us and our attractive shirts. Also coming soon is the ability to donate directly to the nonprofits, allowing you to join the Pungle community in group donating!

Why do you make your own products? Seems hard..
Pungle is more than a shopping tool, we are a growing community interested in forging a more sustainable consumer culture. Not only do we need to get our name out there with some Pungle branded loot, we are exploring new types of vendor/supplier relationships and making the entire manufacturing chain transparent.

This is crazy exciting, how else can I help?
First, make sure you 'like' our facebook page to stay updated. Next, get your friends and family involved, share pungle with anyone that will listen. Then come back to our facebook page to brag about how many people you've turned on to Pungle so we can praise you.

When will you be in Canada or the UK?
Soon! For the beta release we are just in the US, but we have plans for Canada and UK! We are also constructing our main offices in Minecraft. Tours available soon.

I want to work for pungle. Hire me, pls, k, thx.
That's not a question! Feel free to send us your resume or volunteer for internship here: Contact Us.

Where do I get help or make a suggestion or complain?
Please email us immediately!