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Potable Water

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Goal: To provide clean water as a basic human right to the ~1 BILLION people who don't have access to it. To be used for drinking, agriculture and sanitation.

Campaign: $20/person or $5,000/village, trains technicians, build wells & creates sustainable water infrastructure for health, food and gender equality.

NPO: charity: water


technology icon

Goal: To support development & distribution of innovative, life-changing technologies.

Campaign: Affordable irrigation pumps that turn subsistent farmers into profitable entrepreneurs. Rate of economic stimulation projected at $15 per N donations in profits & wages.

NPO: The Adventure Project


nature icon

Goal: To preserve the plants, animals and natural ecosystems that represent the diversity of life on Earth. To leave a sustainable world for future generations.

Campaign: $1/tree to restore the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

NPO: Plant a Billion Trees


education icon

Goal: To create the best possible opportunities for our students to succeed by providing the necessary tools to teachers and classrooms in need.

Campaign: ~$100-$400/classroom, multiple projects handled simultaneously.

NPO: Donors Choose

Clean Energy

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Goal: To offset carbon emissions that can not be reduced further. This offsets 100% of your carbon emissions while using Pungle.

Campaign: $1 offsets 220.5 lbs CO2.

NPO: Carbon Fund