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The pungle.me app is the easiest way to support a good cause for free when you shop online.

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2 clicks and you're done installing the pungle.me app, takes less than 5 seconds. Give it a whirl!

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Top Causes

Install the app and select a cause.

Get students the tools they need to learn.

Development of life-changing technology.

Potable Water
Build sustainable fresh water sources.

Increase forest size & natural landscapes.

Clean Energy
Offset your carbon footprint.


First time here? You're probably wondering...

All I have to do is install the app? Yep, we take care of the rest.

What does the app do? The app generates referral revenue (at no cost to you) any time you shop at stores we support. That referral revenue is donated to the cause you choose. Learn how it works.

What’s in it for me? The pungle app makes it ridiculously easy for you to give back to a good cause. It’s free and there’s no hassle, just install the app.

Ok, I’ve installed the app, how do I know it’s working? Look for the high-five icon pungle icon in the address bar (Chrome) or lower right corner (Firefox).

How do I change my cause? Once you've installed the app, click the high-five icon pungle icon and you can choose a cause.

How much is donated? The amount donated is on the store list page (it’s typically a % of your purchase).